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Savvi Body was created for our team to continue to grow experience and knowledge in order to share our therapeutic skills with all our clients. Our Savvi Therapists are Certified & Insured Massage Therapists that specialize in different massage treatments that help restore & revive your body, bring pain & stress levels down, reduce chronic pain, increase range of motion, and/or decrease tension headaches. 

Do your body a favor and book a new experience in Therapeutic Massage, see what a 60 Min Savvi Body Treatment session can do for your body and mind!

If you're looking to restore & revive your body, bring its pain & stress level down, reduce chronic pain, increase your range of motion, or even decrease your tension headaches...Then welcome to Savvi Body! Where more movement means more life to live!  So come enjoy these individualized therapeutic treatments, to achieve a more vibrant, healthier you. Please do your body a favor, and  book a  Savvi Body Massage Treatment today!

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