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Jennifer Lewis - Owner/Therapist


My name is Jennifer, Owner and founder of Savvi Body Inc. I have been a Licensed & Certified Massage Therapist Practitioner for an amazing 15+ years. For me, massage has been a blessed healer, since I was 18 yrs old. I was involved in a very unpleasant accident when I was 17, by falling off a cliff side, while rock climbing with some of my friends. After going through this life changing experience, it led me to my calling in life. To carry such a compassion about helping others through the healing powers of therapeutic massage. From that day forth, it was decided, I too wanted to apply these very techniques to my style of massage. This way I could better tailor to every individual need/s of my clients. Now I wish to share my therapeutic gifts with all of you!

I studied at (DSMT) Denver School of Massage Therapy, Aurora Campus in CO, where I received my certification. Received recent Certifications in Myofascial Release Mobilization, Medical Massage (which is my most relied on modality that I do), re-patterning & strengthening exercises (to help increase the chances of recovery  for my clients), Lypossage (A non-invasive, anti-aging, 100% natural, body-contouring massage), and Advanced Lymphatic Drainage Massage.


This is how I came to be Savvi Body Mobile Massage. I created this company so that I may continue to grow my experience and knowledge. As well as offer a thriving environment for other therapists to practice and hone in on their therapeutic skills, to continue their growth and knowledge in their field of practice.

"Form and function are a unity, two sides of a coin. In order to enhance function, appropriate form must exist or be created." - Ida Rolf

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