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This bodywork treatment is special for each couple, and it will never be the same, each time you book it! Here at Savvi Body Mobile Massage, this Couples Signature Massage Treatment is one of our favorite massages to do for couples! Since we specialize in multiple massage techniques, this particular massage is customized specifically for each couple for any celebration, holiday, or just any situation needing bodywork therapies for both of you. By understanding how our clientele's body has been functioning, will help us determine a better quality of service by using all massage techniques necessary for your couple's treatment! This Couples massage includes: 1 hot towel treatment for each client, and choice of essential oils to be added into your massage or your lotions/oils/creams. Join us for a unique pampered Couples Massage therapy experience, brought to your home.


60 Minute Service:

90 Minute Service:

120 Minute Service:

$120.00/per person

$180.00/per person

$240.00/per person

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