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This gentle, rhythmic style of massage stimulates the lymphatic system, which is responsible for regulating our immune function. The lymphatic system works by absorbing fluid, toxins, waste material and foreign substances from our tissues. It then gets filtered and purified by the lymph nodes, HOWEVER, if it becomes stagnate, we can feel sluggish and are more susceptible to viral and contagious illnesses.  By stimulating this system through massage, it works more efficiently, which in turn boosts the immune system. In addition, lymphatic drainage induces a parasympathetic state, slowing the heart rate and breathing to relax muscles and allow organs to resume normal function – something we could all use!


60 Minutes: $120.00 

90 Minutes: $180.00 

120 Minutes: $240.00


Package of 10 @ ($100.00 OFF/ 12% Discount) $110.00/hr: $1100.00

Package of 5 @ ($30.00 OFF/ 5% Discount) $114.00/hr: $570.00

Package of 10 @ ($150.10 OFF/8% Discount) $165.60/90 min: $1649.90

Package of 5 @ ($49.50 OFF/6% Discount) $169.20/90 min: $850.50


15 Min (7-in-1 Mini Galvanic/Infrared Machine) =$15.00

30 Min (7-in-1 Mini Galvanic/Infrared Machine) =$30.00

30 Min (FS Cavitation Machine) =$75.00

60 Min (FS Cavitation Machine) =$150.00

Garment (Removal & Replacement) = $15.00

Infrared Therapy = $15.00

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