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I started seeing Jenn, March of 2010. She is the only one I will allow to massage me, simply due to her being exceptionally skilled, by having the ability to find all my sore & aching areas without me having to tell her. Plus, she always explains to me in simple terms, why she is doing these specific techniques, and how & where she will carry out her bodywork plan of action, in the needed areas of my body. She is detailed in her explanation, so that you can better comprehend what's going on with your body. I had a surgery on my C1-C2 when I was sixteen, Jenn was the first person who was able to relieve some of the chronic pain, since my physical therapist. Jenn is extremely personable, she is a kind of person who makes sure you are very comfortable during your experience, feeling welcomed and enthusiastic to come back. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking a way to come back from a life of pain.


Abbie S.

Jenn is the best massage therapist I have ever had...and I've had many. She has worked with me for several years on significant physical problems, including my lower back, arthritic knee, and tight shoulders. I no longer live near Jenn and miss her dearly. I'm still looking for a massage therapist that has skills and expertise close to those of Jenn. Jenn is the best!


Lynn H.



I have no complaints at all. Jennifer was always on top of my problems and I'm sorry she left. I miss her great services!


Joyce B.


Jennifer helped me avoid knee surgery for years. When the x rays said it was time and I finally had the surgery both the surgeon and the rehab therapist were amazed at how quickly she broke down the adhesions and got me walking normally again.
She also helped my husband with tightness in his lower back. We both recommend her highly.


Pat & Chuck G.

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